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How to Buy Bitcoins with Wechat Pay – 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started

Bitcoin trading is becoming more accessible and growing in popularity. If you are eyeing investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and are thinking about getting involved with bitcoin trading, then you must have an understanding of the financial platforms which you can use. One of the main payment options around the world is WeChat Pay.

What Is WeChat Pay?

If you have the WeChat app, then you should be able to use WeChat pay. WeChat is a Chinese-made app which offers everything from an instant messaging service to a social media platform.

And not only that, it also offers a range of ways to make transactions via WeChat Pay - including Quick Pay, in-app payments, and QR code payments. WeChat pay is available to iOS device users using iOS 10.3 or above, and on Android devices running 4.4 or above.

Follow These 5 Steps to Learn How to Buy Bitcoins with WeChat Pay

We are going to teach you how to buy or sell bitcoins with WeChat Pay. Take these five easy steps:

1. Create a WeChat Pay account

First you need to download the WeChat app and sign up. You can do this via the Apple Store or Google Play store on your device. You select 'Me' and then find 'WeChat Pay', before selecting - Wallet - Card - Add a Card.

Then you would enter your payment password, bank card number (overseas card or Chinese card), and details such as name, ID or passport number and phone number. After you enter the confirmation code and upload funds, you should be all set.

2. Register with

There are numerous bitcoin sites which are available to use after you have signed up for WeChat Pay. If you are looking for a user friendly, secure platform with a knowledgeable customer service team, might be the platform for you.

3. Choose the right advertisement

From here it is simple. Just log into and choose 'Buy' in the menu so that you can browse the advertisements. You can search for ads that are WeChat Pay specific by going to 'Quick Buy' and finding the 'All Online Offers' drop-down menu, then selecting WeChat Pay.

After you click search, your results will come up. Then when you find an advertisement you are interested in, select 'Buy' next to the seller's name and you will see more information.

4. Purchase your Bitcoins

After you click 'Buy', you just enter the number of bitcoins that you want to buy and send a seller request. Please remember that you need enough funds in your WeChat Pay account to make a purchase. Then click 'Paid' after you made a payment.

5. Receive your bitcoins

Once you have sent your payment, the seller can release the bitcoins. Then the funds will show up in the wallet.

Are you all set?

When you are ready to start buying bitcoins with WeChat Pay, it only takes a minute to sign up and begin using your free wallet.