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Buy Bitcoins Instantly with Neteller

How to Buy Bitcoins with Neteller – 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started

Bitcoin trading is gaining popularity, leading more and more enterprising and savvy investors to jump on the wagon. If you’re thinking about joining the trend, it’s important to know the various financial platforms you can use. One of the best? Neteller.

What Is Neteller?

Of all the payment platforms available to Bitcoin traders, Neteller definitely stands out. It is one of the world’s best-known virtual wallets and payment processor services. These e-wallets make taking care of online finances easier, especially for those who need to send or receive funds in different currencies (Neteller currently offers 26 major currencies for your convenience).

It’s easy to load money into your Neteller account. Simply go through your bank, transfer funds from a credit or debit card or use any of their other options to get your money into one place.

Follow These 5 Steps to Learn How to Buy Bitcoins with Neteller

Want to buy or sell Bitcoins using Neteller? It’s easier than you might think! Simply follow these five easy steps and you’ll be ready to start trading in no time.

1. Create a Neteller account

To create your account, simply go to Neteller’s site and sign up for your free account (it only takes a minute!) then upload your funds. There are various ways to do this, from credit and debit cards to EPS to Skrill and many more. Now you’re ready to spend.

2. Register with a trading site

Now that you have your Neteller Account, you’re ready to buy Bitcoins. But where to go? While there are many Bitcoin sites available, you want one that is secure, easy to use, and affordable. With a knowledgeable team behind the site, as well as a clean trading design and easy account creation, is one of the most popular and secure platforms for trading Bitcoin.

3. Choose the right advertisement

When you’re ready to buy Bitcoin, you can be assured that Biexm will have options for you. Simply log in to the site, go to the menu and choose “Buy” to browse advertisements.

Looking for Neteller-specific ads? Simply go to “Quick Buy," find the scroll-down menu for “All Online Offers” and choose Neteller. Click the “Search” button, and your results will appear.

When you’ve found a promising advertisement, you can click the “Buy” button to the right of the seller’s name for more information.

4. Purchase your Bitcoins

After you’ve found the right advertisement, select the “Buy” button that’s located to the right of the seller’s name. Input the number of Bitcoins you’d like to buy and send the seller a trade request. Make sure you have the necessary funds in your Neteller account, then make your payment and click on the “Paid” button.

5. Receive your Bitcoins

Once payment is sent and verified, the seller will trigger the release of your Bitcoins. They’ll appear in your Biexm wallet.

Get Started Today

Now that you know how to buy Bitcoins with Neteller, it’s time to get started for yourself! Bitcoins are a great long-term investment, and our team at Biexm makes it easier than ever to buy and sell Bitcoins with a variety of banks, online wallets, gift cards, and more!

Not sure if Neteller is the right payment choice for you? No worries! Visit our blog to learn how to trade with other payment platforms such as Venmo and PayPal. It only takes a minute to sign up and receive your free wallet so that you can start trading, so why wait?