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How to buy Chiliz (CHZ)

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What is Chiliz (CHZ) 

Chiliz (CHZ) is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum that acts as a digital currency for the and Chiliz platforms. Both networks provide fintech solutions in the sports and entertainment worlds and are well known for their Fan Tokens. Through, fans of some of the most popular sports teams in the world can show their support by purchasing crypto Fan Tokens. 

In Fan Token Offerings, users purchase CHZ to convert into the Fan Tokens they want to collect. Each Fan Token provides privileges and benefits, including the right to vote on club decisions and the chance to win unique VIP experiences. By staking their Fan Tokens on the Socios Platform, smart contracts determine the outcome of the votes held. For supporters globally, CHZ acts as the gateway to a new level of fandom for their favorite teams. 


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