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How to buy Bitcoins in South Africa

The face of currency has changed in recent years. The rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, has taken Africa by storm, not least here in South Africa where the digital currency continues to grow in popularity.

Bitcoin provides an opportunity for South Africans to achieve lucrative returns, a more diverse investment portfolio, and a more flexible approach to buying and selling online. Crypto is the future, and it is important that consumers here in South Africa stay ahead of the curve.

But how can you buy Bitcoins in South Africa, and how do you make sure you invest in a safe and secure manner? This is where Biexm makes all the difference. Biexm makes it easy for you to grow your crypto wealth online, and to manage your digital currencies with ease.

How to buy Bitcoins with Biexm

  • Step 1: Register with Biexm

Biexm offers free registrations for all users. Simply head to the site and click Register for Free in the top left-hand corner. You'll be prompted to create a username and password, and to enter your email. Then, you will be assigned a secure Bitcoin wallet, hosted online, free of charge. Here you will be able to manage your purchased Bitcoins. Log into your account at any time from the Biexm homepage.

  • Step 2: Head to the search box

The next step, once your wallet is set up, is to search for the Bitcoins you want. On the Biexm site, you'll find a search box. Simply select your location, the amount of currency you want to exchange for Bitcoins as well as the currency type, and select your payment method. In the payment method dropdown menu, choose "All Online Offers" and let Biexm find you a selection of opportunities in your area.

  • Step 3: Make your selection

You will now be able to see a number of different opportunities from traders in your area. Find the opportunity that best suits your purposes and then click on the seller to review their profile. You will be able to see their reputation score as well as the details of their previous trades. You will also be able to see how quickly they reply to messages. Once you have made your choice, click Buy to begin.

  • Step 4: Complete the transaction

Take a look at the terms of the trade and make sure they are acceptable to you. Then, enter the amount you want to buy along with a message to the seller. Click Send Trade Request to begin the trade and then pay for the trade via the payment window. You need to make sure you can complete the trade while the payment window is open, or else it will be automatically canceled. Upon completion of the payment, click I Have Paid to mark the trade as complete. This will release the Bitcoins into your Biexm wallet.

There you have it — four easy steps that you can use to buy Bitcoins in South Africa, and make your first trades in the world of cryptocurrency.