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How to buy bitcoins with Apple Pay


Bitoin trading is picking up popularity across the world. An increasing number of investors are switching on to the possibilities of this new type of currency - which can be used with several different financial platforms. Among these platforms is Apple Pay.

In this article, we look at how to buy bitcoins with Apple Pay:

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is Apple's digital wallet and mobile payment service, which allows users to make payments via iOS apps, on the web, and in person. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, you will be able to use Apple Pay. You can now use Apple Pay to buy bitcoins, and in this article we will explain how.

How to buy bitcoins with Apple Pay?

You can find that there are a range of bitcoin exchanges, including, that now allow you to pay with Apple Pay - so as long as you are on the right device, with the right browser, you should have no trouble using this e-wallet to fulfill your needs.

For exchanges and wallets like to make it possible to use Apple Pay, many have partnered with fintech companies which allows payment processing for digital currencies. This allows exchange users to pick Apple Pay as a payment method, along with other e-wallet services and credit cards.

Buying bitcoins on with Apple Pay

Once you are signed up to Apple Pay, log into and choose 'Buy' from the menu in order to browse the advertisements. When you want to buy, click the 'Buy' button next to the seller's name, and input the number of bitcoins you would like, before sending the seller a trade request.


You can then make the payment by clicking on the 'Paid' button. You will receive a confirmation when your payment has been verified, and then the bitcoins will appear in your Biexm wallet.

The advantages of using Apple Pay to buy bitcoin

There are several reasons why you might prefer to use Apple Pay when buying Bitcoin, as opposed to more traditional methods of payment such as debit cards or credit cards. Not only are Apple Pay transactions completely instant, but they also offer a higher security level compared to credit card payments for bitcoin.

This is because Apple Pay has security features that are built into both the software and the hardware of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. Apple Pay is one of the services which uses payment tokenization - a type of technology which is able to convert a debit card or credit card number into a cryptogram which hackers cannot make use of, while billing details are not shared with any vendors.


Then there is speed - it isn't just at the supermarket checkout where you can save time by using Apple Pay. In many cases, all it takes is one or two clicks, and you can process your bitcoin purchase in a secure fashion.

Ready to trade with Apple Pay?

Here at it only takes a minute to sign up and receive a free wallet. Get started today and buy bitcoins with Apple Pay, fast and securely.