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logoHarvest Finance (FARM)

  • Harvest Finance is a yield aggregator on Ethereum, biexm Smart Chain, and Polygon. The platform helps users to maximize the returns on their assets by depositing in various projects across the DeFi ecosystem.
  • The platform allows users to stake their assets in the Harvest Finance vaults, while the protocol executes various yield farming strategies on their behalf, and receives staking rewards in return.




  • FARM is Harvest Finance’s native utility token and is used in the following functions:
  • Staking: Users can earn FARM tokens as performance fee rewards when they stake their FARM tokens in the profit sharing pools.
  • Liquidity mining: Users can provide liquidity to LPs on other DEXs to earn liquidity mining rewards (i.e. SushiSwap) and a share of the DEX transaction fees. Users can further stake LP tokens in the Harvest Finance vaults to earn liquidity incentives paid in FARM.
  • Governance: FARM token holders can create and vote on governance proposals.
  • Harvest Finance consists of the following major components working in conjunction:
  • Performance fee sharing: Users that stake FARM in the profit sharing pools are entitled to a performance fee taken from the yield farming strategies. The fees are used to buy back FARM tokens from the open market and rewarded to users that are staking FARM.



  • Auto-compounding: FARM tokens distributed to users are automatically collected and re-staked in the profit sharing pool to improve their returns. iFARM is issued as deposit receipt for auto-compounding, and it is an interest bearing FARM token.
  • fCASH: Enables users to take a loan without needing to sell iFARM. Users provide iFARM as collateral in return for fCASH, which can be swapped to stablecoins (i.e.USDC).
  • AmpliFARM: It is a token that is only rewarded in BSC pools, and it can be claimed immediately at 1:1 bFARM ratio or up to 4.18x depending on the staking period.
  • The project took a fair launch approach, there were no pre-mine or investors. Instead, newly minted tokens are released and distributed weekly.



  • As at August 11th 2021, the total supply of FARM is 639,925 and the current circulating supply is 606,355 (~94.75% of the total token supply).
  • Learn more about the token distribution of FARM here.