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How to buy bitcoins in Senegal

Want to learn how to buy bitcoins in Senegal? We make it quick, easy, and secure.

We’ve created a safe and intuitive platform that connects you, the buyer, with sellers in your local area. Whether you’re new to the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency or a first-mover with years of investing experience, Biexm is the place for you.

Read on to find out how to buy bitcoins in Senegal with Biexm.

1. Create your Biexm account

Already have a Biexm account? You can skip this step. Otherwise, create your free account and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get a complementary browser-based bitcoin wallet with built-in security
  • Purchase bitcoin fast and with minimal fuss – you don’t need to download and install any software as our platform supports trades from start to finish
  • Rest easy knowing your bitcoins and payment information are secure and protected

2. Conduct a search

Now, it’s time to find a suitable seller in Senegal. To do this, head to our website’s home page. In the search area, select the amount of bitcoin you’d like to buy and your location. Choose a payment method or select ‘all online offers.’

Our site will then scan our database of sellers and list all suitable options in your local area.

3. Choose your seller

This is your opportunity to compare bitcoin sellers and select the seller that best meets your needs. Here are a couple of key things to consider:

  • The seller’s reputation score
  • The number of trades completes
  • The seller’s response time (green means within five minutes, yellow means within 30 minutes, and grey means above 30 minutes)

The higher the reputation score, the more trades, and the shorter the response time, the more reliable the seller.

4. Start the trade

By this stage, you’ve selected a preferred seller. Click ‘Buy.’ Carefully read through the terms of the trade before submitting your request. If the terms are not suitable, go back and choose a different seller.

If you agree with the terms, type the amount of bitcoin you’d like to buy and enter a message to the seller, if needed. Finally, click ‘Send trade request.’

A quick note: before you submit the trade request, be sure that you are ready to pay. You will be given a window of time in which you can send the funds owed. If you fail to do so, the transaction will be canceled.

5. The finishing steps

If your trade request is accepted, you can make your payment and click on the ‘I have paid’ button. We’ll ask the seller to verify your payment. Then, the specified amount of bitcoin will be released from escrow and delivered instantly to your Biexm online wallet.

And you’re done! You now know how to buy bitcoins in Senegal.

Create your account to get started

Ready to buy bitcoins in Senegal? Excellent. All you have to do is create your free Biexm account and wallet. The process is quick and easy to complete. Happy trading!