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How to buy Bitcoins with Veem


With the interest in Bitcoins increasingly rising, more and more consumers and businesses are looking to find easy and reliable methods of buying and selling the digital currency. One of the popular platforms for small businesses, in particular, is Veem. It is easier now to buy bitcoins online with Veem.

What is Veem?

Veem is a global currency platform that enables payees to receive payments in their local currency, regardless of what the originating currency is. With a seamless currency exchange taking place in the background, Veem makes international collaboration easier than ever before.

Follow these 5 easy steps to learn how to buy Bitcoins with Veem

1. Create a Veem account

To start an account with Veem, go to their website at Click the “Sign up” button in the upper righthand corner of the screen. Veem lets you sign up using your login information from Google or Intuit, or with an email address.


You can create either a business or personal account. Creating an account will require you to either verify your bank instantly using Plaid or to verify your bank manually (a process that takes 1-2 business days).

2. Identify the number of Bitcoins to be purchased

With your Veem account ready to go, the next step is to find a seller who has Bitcoin you would like to buy. This can be done easily on by selecting “Veem” under “Online Wallets” in the drop-down menu.


All sellers who are currently looking to sell Bitcoins with Veem in the selected region will be shown. Once you’ve identified the number of Bitcoins being sold at a rate you’re comfortable with, click “Buy”.

3. Using your Biexm account

You will need a Biexm account to chat and buy bitcoins from the seller. Creating an account is easy and instant with minimal verification required. Go here to register for a Biexm account:

4. Contact the seller

With the seller’s chat box now available, reach out to them to confirm that Veem is still an acceptable method of exchanging the payment. In some cases, you will receive an invoice through Veem that you can pay.

5. Pay with Veem and receive Bitcoins

Now that you’re ready to make the payment, use the invoice (if provided) to send the money directly from your bank in your local currency. It will be converted instantly into the seller’s local currency and deposited into their chosen account. At that point, the seller will release to you the Bitcoins as agreed.

Get started and buy Bitcoins today

With Bitcoin proving itself resistant to the fluctuations of local currencies, there are many reasons to invest in it today. Veem is an easy, safe, and efficient option that enables you to buy bitcoins instantly.