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buy Bitcoin in Bangladesh

How to buy Bitcoin in a few simple steps explained. As famous business now also invest in cryptocurrencies, this is the time to own your own crypto-coins like Bitcoin. 

This easy beginners guide will take you safely and step by step through the process of buying Bitcoin. When you follow these steps you'll own your first Bitcoin today! How awesome! 

TIP for Bangladesh! Before starting with the article below, make sure you create a Biexm Bangladesh account (within 1 minute) so you can follow the steps below directly. 
How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) for beginners in Bangladesh 
Step 1 - Create & secure an account 
Step 2 - How much Bitcoin BTC should I buy? 
Step 3 - Payment methods buying Bitcoin 
Step 4 - Trade or buy your first Bitcoin 
Step 5 - Prepare for the crypto future! 
Step 6 - More information about buying Bitcoin 
Step 1 - Create an account 

Biexm is one of the largest platforms in the world. Big help is that it is very easy to buy Bitcoin on Biexm. Just like when you're trading normal fiat currency you pay a small commission on every trade you make and Biexm has excellent rates. Once you bought Bitcoin you can choose to keep your coins online or send them to a offline wallet if available for your coins. 

Below in super simple steps explained, how to create a new and safe account. 
1.1 Safe account 
Click on this link to go to Biexm Exchange to create an account. 

1.2 Strong password 
Enter your email & strong password, tick off I agree to the Biexm Term of Use and click register. 

1.3 Verify your email address 
After this step is completed a verify email will be send to you. 
Check your inbox and confirm your email address 

1.4 Secure your account 
Awesome your Biexm account is created! Now follow the next steps and make sure your account is 2FA secured. This is highly recommended. 

What is 2FA? 
With 2FA you will generate a security code every time you login with a new session. This will help to prevent other people to get access to your account. Most used 2FA authentication options are SMS and authenticator apps like Google Authenticator. 

1.5 You've an account now! 
You're account is ready to use and buy Bitcoin (BTC) 
Step 2 - How much Bitcoin (BTC) should I buy 
The good thing on cryptocurrencies are that you can divide them and buy just a (small) piece. This way you still own your piece of Bitcoin and you can use it or hold it. 

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