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How to sell Bitcoin on Biexm 

Now, selling Bitcoin as a Biexm seller is very simple. You can set your own price freely, and there are more than 300 payment options to receive payment. Since Biexm is a peer-to-peer market platform, you can sell bitcoin directly to more than three million users worldwide. Regardless of beginners or experienced traders, using our platform to make profits is very simple. 


To sell bitcoins instantly, please create a Biexm account or log in to an existing sell, you can also choose your location and the preferred currency you want to accept payments in. After that, please click Search sell . This operation will not open the transaction, but will guide you to review the bid terms and conditions set by the buyer. 

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Leave feedback -After successfully selling Bitcoin, please don't forget to leave feedback for your trading partners. This is very important to our platform and helps accumulate user reviews. 

To learn more, watch our detailed video tutorial on how to quickly sell Bitcoin. You can also follow the guidelines for creating bids on Biexm and create bids for selling bitcoins. 


The Biexm peer-to-peer market is easy to use and accessible from all over the world. Start trading now!