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How To Buy Bitcoin?

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin?


Nowadays people are investing more money in the Bitcoin exchange. Now you have a question, what is Bitcoin? Let's talk about it. 

What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a digital currency or asset that you can trade, buy, sell or exchange. You can even call it digital money or payment network.

Bitcoin Exchange is a platform where you can easily convert your currency to Bitcoin. For example, you can convert US dollars to Bitcoin on the Bitcoin Exchange platform.

  How To Buy Bitcoin?      

Buying Bitcoin used to be difficult but day by day it is getting easier. Let’s see the process of How to Buy Bitcoin:


Make sure Your Exchange:

There are several ways from where you can buy bitcoin. For example,, binance, coinbase, coinmama, Robinhood etc. So, first make sure from which cryptocurrency exchange, you will buy bitcoin. 

Connect Exchange with payment Option:

After choosing an exchange, you need to collect your personal documents. Then, you need to confirm your identity and the validity of the exchange. Finally, you'll be able to connect a payment option.

You can connect your bank account directly or you can connect your debit or credit card to buy Bitcoin.


Place An Order:

You have already selected your exchange and attached your payment option. Now you can easily place your order to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.


Choose Your Wallet:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets are a safe place to store digital assets. Having your crypto outside the exchange and in your personal wallet ensures that you only have control over the private key in your fund. 

There are two types of digital wallets. 


Hot wallet: Hot wallets are faster and generate private keys. This wallet is best for small amounts of cryptocurrency


Cold Wallet: Cold wallets are a much safer way to store your bitcoin or cryptocurrency.


How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal

It's easy to buy Bitcoin using paypal. Steps are given below: 

Login your paypal account and select cryptocurrency

Select Bitcoin 

Select Buy button 

Now give the amount how much you want to buy 

Select payment system 

Finally Hit the Buy Button and your Bitcoin purchase is done


How to sell Bitcoin

You can sell bitcoin from where you bought it. For example, a cryptocurrency exchange platform or a peer-to-peer platform.

If you want to sell Bitcoin, you need to send a sell request. Now if a user accepts your sale request, your Bitcoin currency is already sold. This way you can sell bitcoin.

Closing part

The popularity of Bitcoin exchange is increasing day by day. From this blog you will get a clear idea about how to buy and sell Bitcoin. Now if you are looking for a trusted cryptocurrency website for buying and selling Bitcoin, you can check here. It is the best and most secure website for Bitcoin exchange.