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Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

Sometimes back, it was surprising for people to buy bitcoin with a Debit card. But now it’s a common way to buy Bitcoin.


Over the past few years, the introduction of anti-fraud measures for bitcoin exchanges has made it relatively easy to buy bitcoin with a debit card. But if you want to operate the system then it’s quite expensive. That is why exchanges will usually charge a premium for purchasing Bitcoin via debit card and it’s mandatory. Some people can’t even afford that.


As you can see, debit cards have now become a payment method for buying Bitcoin on most exchanges. Today, we will provide you a step by step guideline of how to buy bitcoin with a Debit card.


Step By Step Process of Buying Bitcoin with Debit Card:

  • First select the crypto platform from where  you can buy bitcoin with a debit card. You have to remember one thing that all cryptoplatfrom don't support debit cards for buying Bitcoin. So, choose the one which takes a debit card.
  • Then open an account on that platform from where you want to buy bitcoin by giving your required details. Some platforms require two steps or three steps verification.
  • After opening an account, login to your account and go to your payment method system. Here link your debit card with your account.
  • Then you will get a wallet address. Cryptocurrency Wallet is a secure place and provides a way to send and receive your virtual currency. Your data will be stored on that wallet.
  • When you finally create an account and a wallet address, you can now buy your first bitcoin using a debit card. So buy Bitcoin and then wait for your order to be completed.




Most crypto exchange platforms now allow you to buy bitcoin with a credit or debit card. These exchanges allow you to connect debit or credit cards to your online crypto exchange account or profile. Then you can verify the ID through Exchange. When this ID is verified then proceed to purchase with a credit / debit card. Biexm crypto exchange platform is no different. If you see the platform then you will see how easily you can buy bitcoin with your debit card from them. Since security is our main concern, this provider will secure your crypto wallet where all your bitcoin will be stored.


So, you don't have to worry about losing your data. You can login to Biexm from your email address or even from your mobile. If any suspicious things happen then you will get notification on your mobile or email address.



The popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. Now, people do crypt business as well as other businesses. It has become a major source of income for many people and is now legal in many countries. The business is expected to expand worldwide. So, if you are new to crypto world and don't know how to buy bitcoin with your debit card then this blog will definitely help you.