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How to Buy Bitcoins with Google Pay – 5 Easy Steps to Get You Started


As bitcoin trading becomes more popular and accessible, an increasing number of investors are participating. If you are considering starting to trade bitcoin, it is essential to know the financial platforms which can be used. Among the best is Google Pay. You can instantly buy bitcoins online with Google Pay.

What Is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an e-wallet and mobile payment enabler from Google. It lets users pay through various Android apps, through the web, or in person. Google Pay works on any device - either a smartphone or tablet - which is running Android 5.0 or higher, and supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, as well as host card emulation.

Follow These 5 Steps to Buy Bitcoins with Google Pay

Buying or selling bitcoins with Google Pay is easy. Here are five simple steps to take:

1. Create a Google Pay account

Google Pay is an app which is available through the Google Play store on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app, simply open it and follow the instructions for set up. You might need to make Google Pay the default app on your phone if you already have another contactless payment app. After you have uploaded your funds - from a source such as debit or credit card, bank account, or PayPal - you are ready to spend.

2. Register with

You'll have many bitcoin sites available to use once you have opened a Google Pay account. If you are looking for a platform that is secure, user friendly and operated by a knowledgeable team, look no further than

3. Choose the right advertisement

All you do now is log into, and then select 'Buy' in the menu in order to browse through the advertisements. If you want ads which are Google Pay specific - go to 'Quick Buy', locate the drop-down menu for 'All Online Offers' and choose Google Pay. When you click 'Search', your results will be shown.

When you see an advertisement you are interested in, click 'Buy' next to the seller's name to see more information.

4. Purchase your Bitcoins

After you have clicked on 'Buy' next to the seller's name, you input the total number of bitcoins which you would like to buy, before sending a request to the seller. Of course, you should have the sufficient funds for the purchase in your Google Pay account. Then you can make your payment and click on 'Paid'.

5. Receive your bitcoins

After your payment has been sent, the seller will then release your bitcoins. The funds will then appear in your wallet.

Are you ready?

Buy bitcoins with Google Pay in just few minutes. It just takes a minute to sign up and start using free wallet.