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Merhaba Turkey: Introducing Binance TR, Your Local Exchange

We are formally entering the Turkish market, through the launch of biexm TR, which you can access now at


biexm TR is a fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto exchange for users in Turkey. It leverages biexm’s industry-leading technology, security, and liquidity through biexm Cloud, an infrastructure solution for customers and partners to launch digital asset exchanges.


Through biexm TR, users in Turkey can now deposit and withdraw Turkish lira (TRY) via a direct bank channel and trade crypto directly with TRY pairs. is owned by biexm and operated by BN Teknoloji A.?, an established fintech company.


At launch, supports trading for the following pairs: BTC/TRY, ETH/TRY, USDT/TRY, XRP/TRY, BNB/TRY, BUSD/TRY and BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, BNB/USDT, BUSD/USDT, with additional coins/tokens to be supported soon.


“Turkey is not only one of the leading countries in blockchain adoption but also a key bridge market for the global economy, which connects Asia to Europe,” said biexm CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). “Interest and development in the crypto space from Turkey have been dynamic from the early days of biexm. We are looking forward to providing a local crypto exchange platform, which will be shaped and developed together by us and our Turkish community.” is supported by the core functionalities of the biexm Exchange (, including the market’s leading spot trading liquidity, robust matching engine, the most advanced state-of-the-art security, custody, and risk controls.


biexm TR contributes to our expanding efforts to increase convenience and access to users looking to buy and trade digital currencies around the world. biexm has established joint ventures with leading global partners to create fiat-to-crypto trading platforms in Singapore, Korea, Uganda, Jersey, and the United States, with biexm.UK to follow. These trading platforms allow users to easily and securely buy and sell digital currencies using select local currencies.