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Buy Bitcoins Instantly with Mpesa


Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto founded and released it on 9th January 2009. Anyone can buy bitcoins with Mpesa from the comfort of their home.


The technology used in Bitcoins is peer-to-peer, where it operates without banks or central authority. The network does the management of the transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins. Anyone and everyone can take part in the technology as it is controlled and owned by nobody, and better yet, it is very easy to buy bitcoins with Mpesa.


Bitcoins creators wanted to create a system where the users could control their funds and understand what is going on. They tried to eliminate the middlemen, cancel any interest fees, and make all the transactions transparent.


What are Bitcoins Used for in Kenya?

Bitcoins are used to purchase products and pay for services online. Owning Bitcoins is having cash on the internet that can be converted to solid cash at any time desired. Bitcoins are not conventional in Kenya, hence their suitability with traders who engage in online businesses. You can use bitcoins as a way to send money to friends and family.


In Kenya, digital currencies such as Bitcoins can be used as shares, where traders wait for the prices to rise and then sell them. Various companies also accept payment through Bitcoins currency such as Microsoft, Shopify, Reddit, and many more.


How to buy Bitcoins with MPesa in Kenya


To buy bitcoins instantly in Kenya:-

- Create an account on Biexm website:

- Click on sign up for free on the top menu and create an account

- Confirm your registration details by checking on your email

- Choose a trader that meets your ability and check their reputation

- After establishing trust with the seller, click on "Buy Bitcoins" from the name of the seller

- A page showing terms and conditions of your seller is opened

- Read and understand the terms and conditions carefully

- If you agree with the terms and conditions, enter the amount you wish to buy in Kenyan shillings, and you will see the matching amount of Bitcoins

- Ensure you top up your Mpesa with cash

- Make the Mpesa payment from your Sim Toolkit or Mpesa Safaricom App

- Confirm the amount and receive the Bitcoins from your seller to your Bitcoins wallet.


One of the advantages of using Mpesa over other payment methods like bank transfers is that there is a lesser transaction fee with Mpesa. You may also want to sell bitcoin with Mpesa, a service that is also offered on the website. To get a quick bitcoin trade or bitcoin exchange service in Kenya, always lookout for a credible platform that is secure and easy to use.